Have I got dog breath??!!

Alfie, our beloved family dog, is sadly on his last legs and is struggling with his food at the moment; the result is a very, very, skinny, poorly dog. He won’t go anywhere near his usual food, but still wolfs down ham, chicken and cheese, and over the last few days even some of R’s popcorn and a Weetabix that J dropped on the floor! Even so, he is still losing weight.


In an attempt to prolong the inevitable, last night I served him chopped up chicken breast in a cereal bowl – he flipping loved it. This morning, I got up early to make him some rice and chicken to see if he’d take rice as well – he’d nibbled on a bit yesterday morning, but wasn’t really interested. As the rice boiled, I located the cereal bowl and placed it on the work surface; there was no point washing it, as I was only going to put more chicken and rice in it, I thought.


The smell of the rice made me hungry, so I started to prepare my granola/porridge oats/blueberries/strawberries/yoghurt concoction. I was a bit miffed though, as all I could find in the cupboard were my least favourite cereal bowls; we have two types, one made of thicker material and with a higher rim, the others being made of thinner material and with a lower rim – I prefer the former as I can fit more in without making a mess! When I say without making a mess, please note that this is of course relative – perhaps I should say without making a massive mess!!


Five minutes later, a right mess made on the work surface, my breakfast eaten and the rice boiled, I started to prepare Alfie’s meal. I located his dirty bowl on the work surface and started to transfer the rice from the pan. It was at this point that it struck me; the bowl I was filling up was a thinner lower rimmed type – Alfie’s bowl from last night was a thicker higher rimmed type. My stomach started to lurch as I checked the bowl from which I had just eaten my breakfast.


You’ve guessed it – I’d just eaten my lovely healthy breakfast out of my dog’s dirty breakfast bowl!!!!


OMG, I think I’m going to be sick…

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