Now that’s ironic, Ms Morissette!

My current PA, JC, has now been with me for nearly four months , and who said it would never last??!!


As she has proved to be a maker of adequate tea/coffee, able to put-up with Absolute Radio in the car, not killed me in an horrific RTA yet and a capable proof reader, we had the conversation about documenting the end of her probationary period.


The outcome of our conversation was that she was invited to draft her own letter to confirm her permanent status. Being the kind and helpful all round good egg of a boss that I am, I sent JC a template letter to use; what could go wrong?!.


However, JC spelled the date wrongly – “19 Juy 2017”!! Now isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?!


As JC pointed out, it could have been worse – at least she spelled her name correctly!


I trust you will all agree with my decision to extend her probationary period indefinitely as a result of this??!!


Apologies if this post contains nay typos, but I didn’t feel it approrpaite to send this to JC for proof reading prior to publishing …

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