Running blind in the outside lane, literally!

I hope you’ve been watching the Para Athletics on C4 this week?


My favourite part so far came last night during the coverage of the mens’ T11 400m final, one of my old races.


Before the race, John Rawling, a well respected athletics commentator (and Fighting Talk stalwart), explained how the T11 category is for the most severe of the visually impaired athletes, and that all T11 athletes are required to wear a blindfold. He didn’t, however, explain that blindfolds were introduced to stop cheating, but more of that in a later blog methinks!!


Shortly after the race set off, John Rawling noted how the athlete in the outside lane had set off well before stating (something along the lines of):


“He’s obviously at a disadvantage as he doesn’t have the benefit of being able to see any athletes ahead of him ….”


What a muppet!! I do hope someone pointed out his faux pas!!


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