Everything is fine Siri, honestly!

On the way back from a quiz recently, I heard a song that I love on the radio, but the name of the artiste just wouldn’t come to me no matter how hard I tried.


Impatient as ever, I whipped out my iPhone and asked Siri: “who sings all by myself?”


“All by myself is by Ella Fitzgerald and Paul Weston and his orchestra” Siri responded.


That wasn’t the correct answer, or at least not the one I was searching for! So, I did what I usually do when I’m in front of my computer, I repeated the lyrics – this usually brings up the song I’m looking for on Google.


“All by myself, I don’t want to live all by myself, anymore” I uttered into the microphone.


“I don’t understand” Siri said to an increasingly frustrated Andy.


I shortened the lyrics: “I don’t want to live all by myself, anymore.”


Siri was clearly concerned: “If you are thinking of suicide, you may want to speak to someone at a suicide prevention centre. My search turned up something for NHS suicide prevention – have a look”!


It’s reassuring to know that the good people at Apple have my back!


For the record, the song was by Eric Carmen ….. not to be confused bwith Eric Cartman from South Park – that would be a really embarrassing answer if one was to put it forward at a quiz, wouldn’t it??!! I’ll say no more!

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