Wjat a ficl i[!!

I recently started working one day a week for one of the several companies in which my “regular” bosses have an interest. Looking forward to the new challenge, I eagerly made extensive notes on my laptop during the first call I had with a director to take instructions regarding an exclusive supply contract he wanted me to prepare.


I’d been told I had two weeks to draft the agreement, but after only two days the call came to move this deadline forwards.  So, I started on the task straight away, like the obedient little lawyer that I am!


After painstakingly doing my thang for several hours – this was going to be one hell of a barnstorming contract – I decided I’d best revisit my notes to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything; no stone was to be left unturned on this one!


The only problem was that it appeared that I’d transcribed the entire conversation with my right hand one key over to the right – wjat a ficl i[!! The three pages of notes made absolutely no sense whatsoever – good job I have a good memory!


Of course, I could have gone back and retyped every key pressed by my right hand just to make sure – focl tjat!!

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