Forgetting I’m blind

At the weekend I took part in a quiz night with a group of friends. Upon arrival, J, who had picked me up, settled me into a nice comfy settee next to my teammate S, and we proceeded to catch-up.


After a while, as my beer was going down too quickly, I said to S “Do you mind going to the bar and getting me a bottle of wine with a straw in it so that I don’t have to move from this position all night please”.


Thinking I was serious, he asked “Are you sure? Who’s driving?”


I immediately asked everyone for their attention before repeating S’s faux pas! S spent the rest of the night apologising, and I spent the rest of the night telling him not to worry about it.


Not more than 5 minutes after this, another of the group had apparently turned up and waved at me to say hello, and was somewhat perturbed by my lack of reciprocation!


I take situations like this as a compliment .


Not long ago my boss, in a trendy Manchester restaurant, asked me if I’d read the menu ..


Later that same night I repeatedly left one of the group hanging when he kept trying to give me a high-five without telling me that was what he was doing …


Last year a friend of 30 years was rebuked by his wife when he was visibly getting frustrated by my repeated refusal to take back my phone as he kept holding it out in front of me… “What are you doing” she said.  “Trying to give him his phone back” he said.  “But how does he know it’s there” she asked.  “What do you mean” he said.  “Andy’s blind, remember?!” … “Oh yeah, sorry mate” he said as it dawned on him.


Surely it has to be a good thing that people often forget that I’m blind? And it’s hardly surprising, as I forget for the majority of the time!!

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