A warm wet feeling watching Love Island!

I watched Love Island – the programme I love to hate – with R the other night.  I must have been feeling moderately chirpy as I invited Alfie up onto the settee for a change – he couldn’t believe it!

As I sat immersed in the televisual treat that is LI, tickling R’s feet – under pain of death (!) – and stroking Alfie, I commented on how warm it was, this comment being the result of me noticing that I was warm where R’s feet were resting on my legs, and quite clammy where Alfie was laid against my hip.

As this warm clammy feeling on my leg steadily spread, I enquired as to whether R thought it was hot as well; she didn’t think it was particularly.

Upon standing to get snacks, it became clear that the feeling on my hip was not the result of me sweating, but the result of Alfie peeing!!

Needless to say, he won’t be getting invited up onto the settee again!

Wet pants


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