I love to go a-wandering … down the middle of the road!!

A few FB posts guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


20 March 2016


Thanks to the old man who kindly highlighted my faux pas this morning as I was absent mindedly strolling along with the dog enjoying the sunshine and birdsong…. “Mate, you’re in the middle of the road!” All I could manage was a sheepish “thanks” and a rather embarrassed grin! Appears I must have stepped down a curb at a side street and was oblivious to having missed the up curb – whoops!!


27 March 2016


Serendipity has struck!! Golden Balls has accidentally found a way for me to control the Sky box through my phone, which means I can use the planner for the first time ever!! It’s like fecking Christmas!!! Looks like my love affair with Dave and his slightly younger brother Dave-ja Vu is over – it was fun boys, but things have changed!!


8 June 2016


So tired this morning I mistakenly put coffee on my Weetabix rather than sugar … What a muppet!!


4 July 2016

Nice start to the week, up at 5 to get J up for his week’s work experience playing with trains. I hope he plays better than he did as a toddler – he used to have me set up the most complex track systems ever known to man – well, to a blind man anyway – which used to take me an hour of fumbling with the track, killing my back and knees, and after pushing his train round for a maximum of two minutes, he’d demand we did something else, the little fecker!!


One Comment

  1. Hi Andy–thanks for this hilarious content. I am also grateful to see someone sharing their story regarding difficulty with vision, and I wanted to reassure you that you are not alone. That being said, I wanted to let you know that there are many options on the market nowadays that can be a tremendous help. There’s a product called OrCam that’s been a tremendous help for me. Essentially, they offer low vision aids such as their optical character recognition system devices that allow you to ‘see’ and recognize text, faces, and brands with the simple point of a finger using artificial intelligence. The technology helps with students with visual impairments as well as blind and partially sighted people looking to get back reading more, and in my eyes it’s 100% worth it to re-gain independence and be able to recognize signs, people and my surroundings. Definitely recommend you give it a try, and thank you for this lovely content–it’s important to remember that you are by no means alone. Thanks for sharing, and please don’t stop writing! Your posts make me very happy–this one made me laugh out loud! 🙂



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