Add another bookmaker to the list!

I recently won a not insignificant amount of money from a bet placed with Ladbrokes on a horse called Diamond Lady at 12/1. Don’t get me wrong, whilst it was a nice sum, it was by no means life changing, and I certainly didn’t feel like treating my loved ones like I usually do when I have what I consider to be a large pay-out!


Despite having bet with Ladbrokes since the last millennium, this was enough for them to (effectively) close my account! I’ve tried to place two bets since then, and on both occasions they declined to take my bet – the cowards!!  This is what bookies usually do; they don’t have the bottle to tell you that your account has been closed – although Stan James and Victor Chandler did send me an email (!) – they just refuse to take your bets.


So that’s now 9 of the big bookies that won’t take my bets anymore, and one of the two that will still take my bets often politely declines, so shall we call it 9 ½??!!


How very frustrating …..

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