Wired for sound, and then some!

Andy with extra long wired headphones


In order to prevent my PA from being driven mad by my Jaws screen reader, I use a set of headphones … or at least I did until I crushed them under my chair after they fell off when I stood up a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know what Jaws sounds like, it’s like Stephen Hawkin on speed!!

My new headphones turned up today, but does anyone else think the wire for my new headphones is excessively long?!

I’ve got a feeling that my PA might have read metres as centimetres when she was ordering them for me! Or perhaps when I said that I’d like the wire long enough to enable me to move around my office without having to constantly remove them, she thought I meant around the entirety of the office rather than just my little realm?!

At least I won’t have to remove my headphones when I attend meetings in the next couple of offices now, and we could use them as a skipping rope on quieter days!!

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