“Have you tried carrots mate? They’re really good for your eyes”!!

Whilst I desperately try to find time to write a blog post about my recent holiday to Sorrento, Italy, here’s a few FB posts to be going on with, including the inspiration for my blog name!


17 December 2015


OMG, tonight a taxi driver who didn’t believe that nothing could be done for my sight seriously suggested that I should eat more carrots!!! Why didn’t I think of that!


22 January 2016


I’m home alone this weekend, but that’s not what’s making me nervous … It’s the full cup of tea which I made for M which she denies all knowledge of, is not where I left it and which is, I deduce therefore, waiting somewhere for me to knock over! What odds on a ruined iPhone (again!) later?!


27 February 2016


Oh feck! A mile away from home with the dog and I’ve broken my stick – the end has just fallen off! Now here’s where the Jedi training comes in handy!!

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