Oracle or mystic? Now that’s careers advice!

Over the weekend I introduced GF to Anchorman II (the legend continues). It, and especially Will Ferrell,  never fails to make me lol (as common parlance would have it!).


For those who have not seen it, you’re missing a treat, especially in the non-PC way that it deals with blindness! Without spoiling the plot, one of the characters loses their sight in an accident, and that’s where the ridiculous way of looking at this issue begins, because he uses it as an excuse basically for not being able to do the most basic of functions.


My favourite part always used to be the part about him mistakenly rubbing his shin, but it’s now been superseded by a part that I had previously missed.  Upon learning that he is blind because “his retinas had detached from their corneas” – check the inaccurate physiology-   he asks his doctor what he can do now that he is blind.  The response:


“I’m no career counsellor, but there are many things that you can do. Be an oracle, or a mystic!”


The only part which tugged at my heartstrings was when the blind character pleads with his friends to come back after he has driven them away, as he’s “all alone” – I really do count my blessings sometimes.


Being a realist, I’ve taken the decision that if I find myself with no other options, I’ll become an oracle; although my betting might suggest otherwise, I don’t think I have the gift for being a mystic, and oracle ties in closely with the legal training!


I heartily recommend all to watch the wonderful Anchorman II and as a blind person say that it’s alright to laugh with gusto at the blind references.

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