Looky-likey triplets? Really??!!

I attended a funeral yesterday of my friend GG, with whom I quizzed every month or so along with a group of friends.  The subject of the quiz cropped up every now and again, and especially my picture round abilities, and it led me to recant the following story.


A “friend” (who shall remain nameless) attended my favourite quiz with me a few months ago at the Coach and Horses in Rothwell, Leeds. To put it mildly, we didn’t fare very well! The writing was on the wall with the picture round…


We had twelve pictures to identify; there was the usual mix of people, objects, landmarks, artwork and a sports badge, etc.


My teammate did the usual thing of describing the pictures for me so that I can have a guess. The only one we answered correctly was as follows: “It’s a photo which looks like it’s from the 60s or 70s, and it’s a Policeman in uniform complete with the tall helmet”.  Any guesses?!


I guessed Dixon of Dock Green, and it was correct – Boom!!


However, the best answer came from the following: “It looks like an Indian gentleman, wearing smart clothes with no collar …. or it could be a woman, I’m not really sure!” After taking a few minutes to think, my companion said that it might be a young Gandhi.  As I couldn’t really add much to the musings, Gandhi was our answer.


After swopping papers at the end of the quiz, I was extremely surprised to hear that our neighbours had said that the Indian man/woman was in fact Myra Hindley!


Now I’ve seen both of the above, and as far as I recall, they look nothing like each other! Doubt set in, and my teammate decided that our neighbours were right and we were wrong.  “Glad to see the landlord is keeping it light tonight” was my bemused comment.  “Perhaps the one that you said looked like Rowan Atkinson in Black Adder II was really Peter Sutcliffe!”


As it happened, we were both wrong! The actual answer?  Elvis fecking Presley!!  What the feck!!


How on earth can you confuse the King with either Gandhi or Myra Hindley??!! I just can’t see it myself – pun intended!!


I sometimes wonder what planet these sighted people are on … Although, come to think of it, has anyone ever seen all three in a room together?! Makes you think doesn’t it??!


As a post-script, my “friend” did a bit of research, and found an article which suggested that Elvis’s great great great grandmother was an Indian ……. As my “friend” conceded that said “Indian” relative was a native American, and not from the Indian sub-continent, the lunacy remains!

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