Backless bench + blind man – communication = embarrassment!!

A few more FB posts!


22 October 2015


Obviously not at my best this morning … Doing the good dad thing of ironing J’s shirt for school, but somehow got confused and picked up a bottle of fabric conditioner thinking it was the iron – it was only when I couldn’t find a plug attached to it that I realised my mistake!! I’d like to say the day can only get better but I am somewhat sceptical the way things are going at the moment.


22 October 2015


Not sure what’s going to happen next, but I’m beginning to think that I must have done something bad to upset the cosmos … After my earlier ironing mishap, not only did I manage to accidentally switch the en suite shower on when cleaning it whilst stood inside it fully clothed, but now I’ve just made a right tit of myself in a crowded waiting room at Leeds train station! The guy helping me found me the last seat, but neglected to tell me that it was a bench without a back rest … You can guess what happened next lol!! It’s a good job he didn’t have time to help me get a latte first!!


3 November 2015


OMG!! I think Golden Balls has taken too many head shots at rugby, as he’s just set out to take the dog for a walk, but forgot the dog! Admittedly, he didn’t get far, but what a muppet!!


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