Whoops! Looks like someone’s peed on the floor!

Suffice to say that tonight has not gone according to plan …

I was too hungry when I came in to cook, so I chose a warm-up from the freezer for my evening meal; I’d been looking forward to it all day! As I struggle to tell what the frozen meal is until it starts to heat up in the microwave, I like to refer to this style of cuisine as a freezer surprise.

I guessed/hoped that tonight’s freezer surprise might have been Sunday’s lasagne, so I opted for broccoli and frozen peas to accompany it. That’s when I dropped the entire bag of frozen peas on the floor …..


I (or rather R) managed to rescue a sufficient amount for my dinner needs, only to subsequently find out that the freezer surprise was (essentially) a massive portion of stir fried vegetables and mushed up noodles! As you can guess, 1kg of vegetables (with three very thin strips of beef) did not exactly hit the mark!

Not long after my “meal”, I was laid on the lounge floor chatting on the phone with GF when Alfie the dog started nudging me. Thinking he was wanting his food, I decided to ignore him. As I rolled over into a substantial warm puddle of pee, I realised that I was now dealing with two incidents of someone having peed on the floor!

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