A long night in the most blind-unfriendly hotel room in the world!

Congrats; we’ve made it to another weekend! Here’s a couple of FB posts to start the weekend off with a smile (hopefully!).


4 October 2015


Oh yeah baby, still got it!! Just told J how to work out the answer to one of his A Level algebra maths questions – woop woop!! Still top dog for a few months yet, methinks!!


5 October 2015


Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Got a bit over excited and have overdosed on chocolate liqueurs – how rock ‘n’ roll am I?! I feel quite queasy – need to lie down now.


14 October 2015


Been at a conference today, and now stuck in a hotel room in London where everything is operated by a touchscreen!! Can’t even use the bloody telly! Tried to order a large glass of red to drown my sorrows, but after finally figuring out how to use the hi-tech telephone, I didn’t know my room number so had to go without! It’s going to be a long night … Fecking technology!


  1. Hi Andy great to read your stories on the life of a blind man. There’s me thinking life was hard with sight. A question did you live in Bridlington on the forty foot and if yes I think we looked at you house before you went to Wakefield. We brought our son Daniel with use and he as does started to go blind with Lebers hereditary optical neuropathy. This is a great help to us to see the you can do lots of thing after loosing your sight and this will help us to guide Daniel with is problem. He as just turned 15 which is the hardest thing for me and his mum and no doubt him too.

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    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment and kind words. Yes I did, but I don’t recall you putting in an offer though (lol); what a small world! I’m glad that this blog is proving helpful to you and Daniel, as that is mainly why I’ve created it. I’ll email you separately so that you have my direct contact details for future reference, if that would be helpful to you or Daniel.



  2. Hi Andy message from Chris swain. My son Daniel as just gone blind in is right eye and as 60% left in is left eye. We have been told he may have lebers hereditary optic neuropathy, but we have five more weeks before we find out if he as it. can you tell me what was it like for you when you lost your sight at first and how did you cope. We are trying to understand how it will affect Daniel and what we should and should not do. It as been a very big shock for all of use but after reading your stories it gives us hope Daniel will be able to deal with the sight problem and do well in is life with our help.
    It is one of the biggest steps in is life at only 15 and we hope he will over come the problems and do well like you.

    Many thanks Chris, joe and daniel



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