Oh dear, what can the matter be; Mr C is lost in the lavatory!!

Yet more FB posts documenting my mishaps!


12 May 2015


Attending a legal seminar today. The day didn’t start well when I got lost in the toilets and had to be rescued by a fellow-delegate … The only way is up after that!


13 May 2015


What a beautiful morning! Not only was there no wind at all on my walk, the birdsong, warm sunshine and the occasional smell of freshly cut grass made it a real treat for the senses. One day like this … Would love to be at York races this afternoon…


15 May 2015


An eventful rehab session this morning, involving head-butting a bus stop at great speed, and walking on the road up the A61 thinking I was on the pavement and now I’ve just sat in my lunch!! Have you ever felt that it wasn’t going to be your day??!! …


23 May 2015


Gutted that I don’t have anyone to watch Eurovision with – who is going to describe the outfits and haircuts to me??!!

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