I get knocked down, but I get up again

A few FB posts from a hectic day back in May 2015!


10 May 2015


What a lovely still morning. At times on my walk this morning, apart from the noise of my stick whizzing across the pavement, the only sound was birdsong, very relaxing and uplifting for the soul. Perhaps that explains why I managed to walk 100 yards without using my stick, relying on Alfie the amateur guide dog instead…. unlike last night when I twatted my forehead on a lamp post after only five yards trying the same trick!! Or perhaps it was just something to do with blood alcohol levels … As the sages from Chumbawumba say, I get knocked down, but I get up again … literally in this instance!


10 May 2015


An afternoon of washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking whilst listening to sport. Fact; I am a domestic goddess!!!


10 May 2015


Note to self – when looking (i.e. feeling around) for surface cleaner in the utility room, try to remember whether or not you’ve left a red hot iron on the work surface to cool down … Ouch!!


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