Bookies get fingers burned; I get knees burned!

A few FB posts from spring two years ago – I hope lightning strikes twice regarding my Grand National and US Masters bets, especially as I’ve backed Jordan Spieth again!


24 April 2015


After the busiest few weeks for ages, thank feck it’s Friday!! Didn’t even have time to brag about backing the Grand National winner at 40/1 or backing Jordan Spieth to win the Masters, or to own up to having burnt knees from working outside in shorts on Tuesday!! Who’d have thought you could burn on 21 April?????!! Certainly not me!!!


25 April 2015


Just managed to rather distractedly pour a full large jar of Gold Blend into the jar where we keep tea bags – what a muppet!! Thanks M for tidying up my mess!!


3 May 2015


A very cheap and hopefully not so nasty blind friendly washing machine just been delivered, and my first wash loaded and merrily spinning around – fingers crossed that I set the dials correctly, or the twits will be wearing some interesting uniforms this week!!


5 May 2015


5.30 on a wet Tuesday morning is not a good time to find out that the snicket through which you walk your dog has seriously overgrown almost overnight – it was like being dragged through a car wash!!


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