I’m not saying my son is an idiot, but he sure does a great impression sometimes!

On Friday I told J that I needed him to take me into town to buy, amongst other things, three Mother’s Day cards, one for me, and one each for the twits. R is my normal child of choice for such important tasks, but she was away visiting cousins …..


“I’m off to the gym, so I’ll just get them on my way back if you want” said Golden Balls, like the little trooper that he is. He duly wrote down his list of several essentials.


I stayed at GF’s on Friday night, and upon returning (to what I initially thought was the wrong house – the doormat was missing and the door was on the chain for the first time ever!) and after fighting my way through the mix of empty and half-empty (or were they half-full?) bottles of beer, I checked the fridge for the provisions.


“Where’s the shopping you were supposed to get?” I asked the hungover J.


“I forgot my list and could only remember that you wanted tomatoes” he explained. “I’ll get the rest when I go to the gym today” he offered, and although he forgot his list (again), he did seem to have remembered most things when he returned.


Later that evening, J and I went out for a few beers and a burger at Handmade Burger Co in Leeds, and then went to meet R off her train from Scarborough. When we got back to the house, R said “er, what are these?” holding the three cards in her hand.


I explained that J had been out to buy three Mother’s Day cards, “one for me and one for each of you”.


“Well, he’s only got one!” she said. I asked her what she meant.


“Well, there’s one that says ‘Especially for you on Mother’s Day’,one that says ‘Just for you on your birthday’, and another one which says ‘To my lovely Mums’! Do we know any lesbian mums” she asked. 


J proffered the following explanation – “They were all in the area that said Mother’s Day, so it’s the shops fault, not mine”!


So, happy Mother’s Day to my lovely mums – she does do the work of two mums after all!


Thank goodness J’s not wanting to study anything at university which requires an eye for detail …… or is that perhaps being a tad unfair to engineers?!

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