In honour of our selfless heroes

Given yesterday’s horrific events, not least because one of my closest friends was a colleague and friend of PC Keith Palmer, I was somewhat reticent about blogging in my usual manner. Having reflected and listened to the speeches of our elected representatives, as this blog is all about hope, optimism, carrying on in adversity and making the most of life, I now feel compelled to post something. So, in honour of PC Keith Palmer, the two members of the public who died and those who were injured yesterday, and all those in the emergency services, armed forces, security services and the NHS who selflessly put us, the public, before themselves on a daily basis, here are two rather vanilla FB posts – I thank and salute each and every one of you; you’re all heroes to me.

29 March 2015

Just about to watch Forrest Gump with audio description for the first time with the twins – I’ve told them they aren’t allowed to laugh at me if, or more likely when, I cry though!!

4 March 2015

Suit shopping for J in Leeds – since when did clothes shops think they were night clubs??!! Can’t wait for a bit of peace and quiet at the Leeds match later!

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