How on earth have you got glitter all over the house and on your face dad??!!

A few more FB posts to usher-in the fast-approaching weekend!

17 March 2015

OMG in a taxi and he’s asking me for directions – help!!! Good job I’m off to the pub, I think I’ll need it … if I ever make it!!!

18 March 2015

Got told off again tonight by R … I took it upon myself to clear up all the rubbish that has accumulated in my car over recent months, and I found a tube of what I thought was sweets down the side of the passenger seat. I managed to get the end off, but the contents felt like flour and had no smell. I managed to open the other end of the tube and the result was the same. So, not sure what it was, I took it into the house and left it in the kitchen.

When R came home she was greeted by a trail of glitter from the car to the kitchen, and I could hardly deny it was me, as I had glitter all over my face and in my beard!!! Still no idea why anyone left some glitter in the car though…

22 March 2015

Mind must be a little pre-occupied this morning, as I somewhat absent mindedly added a tea bag to my gingerbread latte!! Not quite sure if the result is really nice, or really horrible. Either way, if Costa start serving this, I’m suing!!

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