What a bloody mess, literally!

Four more FB posts from two years ago this week – enjoy!

12 March 2015

What a lovely windless still morning today. I’m not sure what time it gets light at these days, but it was most pleasant listening to all the birdsong when out with the dog this morning, even went on the long walk it was that nice. Roll on spring!!

12 March 2015

Just been chastised by my youngest…. Apparently, at some point today I’ve knocked over a full bottle of fabric conditioner, and the utility room is a right mess…. Whoops!! She is now demanding a pay rise….. We’ll have to see about that!

15 March 2015

Bugger me that made me jump!! By the shape that has been left (according to Golden Balls), a bird just flew straight into the patio windows!! Might have to have another Guinness to calm my nerves…

17 March 2015

Sliced my little finger open this morning on a sharp knife when unloading the dishwasher – someone is going to get a shock when they see the bloody mess when they finish unloading it!! I’ve no idea how I’ll drive my keyboard at work? I’ll just have to get my PA to press the letters Q, A and Z when I need them. Looking forward to drafting that contract with Quazi Ltd!!!

One Comment

  1. Loving the blog Andy! Hilarious anecdotes. I was in Brid yesterday and the Nags Head is now an orthodontist centre 😢 Sad times



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