He’s behind me?! Oh no he isn’t, is he??!!

Four FB posts to start the long overdue weekend, and keep an eye out for the story of how I got into blind sport tomorrow ….

27 November 2014

Well, I suppose it’s almost Pantomime season … I managed to lose the dog this morning after I took him off his lead to explore the grassy area in the lemony snicket. I was calling him for ages, but there was no sign of him, and all the time he was … yes, you’ve guessed it … behind me!! I really should put a bell on the little fecker!

13 February 2015

I could tell I hadn’t been to the doctor’s for a while…. If smacking my shoulder on a lamp post and straying onto the odd road here and there on the outward journey wasn’t enough of a sign, then properly winding myself on the way back on a lamp post definitely sealed the deal!! I think I may have been relying on Alfie a bit more than I thought when we are out on walks together…. Who’d have thought it, that stupid dog being useful after all!!

17 February 2015

So uncoordinated this morning I wasn’t aware I was missing my cup with the kettle until the boiling water ran off the counter and on my foot – ouch! To make matters worse, after mopping up the water I knocked over my cup of tea! If I wasn’t so busy at work, I’d be back in bed right now – I think it’s going to be one of those days….

21 February 2015

J’s mum asked him if she could practice pedicures on him – “only if I can practice rugby tackles on you” was his brilliant response lol!

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