Early onset incontinence? No, I’ve just burnt myself – phew!!

Four more FB posts, from a period when the ex and I were “trying” again ….

14 September 2014

Make us laugh Lee Mack! The ticket lady was right about these tickets having a restricted view, I can’t see anything!

28 September 2014

Watching Stephen Fry in Sheffield tonight. Everybody was given a free copy of the latest instalment of his autobiography. Whilst trying to find a shortcut out of the hall, we were ushered to the front of the queue to get our books signed. After a fellow blinkie with a guide dog had his book signed we stepped forward. I stood with my white stick SF said “you’re not the only shepherd I know with a dog”. I looked bemused. “David Blunkett” he said. “How long have you had your dog” he said. “I married her 20 years ago” – good old l’esprit de l’escalier!!

29 September 2014

Flipping heck, that was a bit scary – I just thought I’d peed myself!! I was making a pot of tea, when after a short while I started to feel a warm sensation spreading down my leg. I thought I had suddenly become incontinent until it started burning, and then I realised that I’d missed the tea pot and boiling water was spreading across and off the work surface!!

8 October 2014

An old git I may be, but I can still equal my bench press PB of 100kg – get in ! The only difference is that I won’t be able to sleep tonight, even after ice packs and 4 nurofens!!

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