Bring on the picture round

I absolutely love quizzes, and I seem to be developing quite a remarkable specialism, as hardly a quiz ever passes by where I don’t get an obscure photo right!! Allow me to explain how the last week has seen three quizzes, three successful picture rounds for the blind quizzer!!

It always starts the same; my sighted colleagues fill in the answers for all that they know, and then, in what was originally a complete shot in the dark (no pun intended), they turn to me for divine inspiration.

In last Sunday night’s picture round, all the answers ended with either “er” or “re”.

“Right, there’s three that we can’t get. There’s a picture of a rugby player, with a beard; I think it’s a Harlequins top” A told me. My brain clunked for a while; Danny Care? My teammates weren’t convinced, but as they couldn’t think of anything better they put it down.

“Right, now we’ve got a jockey …. Oh no, there’s the Olympic rings, so I think he must be a show jumper. Looks like quite an old person A described. Again, my brain searched the memory banks; John Whittaker? Again, not convinced, the answer was written down.

“Finally, it’s a company logo. How can I describe it?” A was struggling. “It’s a letter “C”, with a cut off red rectangle in line with the C, and another cut off blue rectangle below it in line with the C”. Now when the quiz master had said that one of the pictures was a company logo, which ended in either “er” or “re”, the Commodore logo immediately appeared in my mind, or at least a rough approximation of it (Commodore being the maker of the cutting edge Commodore 64 computer of the 80s!).

“Does the rectangle bits look a bit like a plug” I asked, my recollection sort of reminding me of a plug.

“I suppose it could” said A. Again, with no confidence, Commodore was written down as our answer.

At last Tuesday night’s quiz, T told me “We’ve got to guess the TV programme. It’s a photo of a young boy sat on a bear”.

“A real bear, or a teddy bear” I asked.

“A real bear. It’s in chains” came the clarification. Gentle Ben?

In last night’s picture round, all the answers ended with “In”.

“It’s a football player in an Arsenal kit; he’s ugly” described J our team captain.

“Could he look Russian” I asked.

“I guess he could” said J. Andrei Arshavin?

The smile on my face was rather broad when the quiz master confirmed that all the above answers were correct, especially when we won last night’s quiz by a single point!! But it doesn’t matter if we win or not, getting a picture round question right feels like getting a dozen normal questions right to me and amuses me no end!!

My best ever performance was guessing 6 out of 10, this being based on the clue that all the answers contain a body part and some expert descriptions: Elbow (“four men, looks like a pop group”), Plymouth Argyle (“A badge with sail boats on”), Golden Eye (“A James Bond film”), Irene Handl (“Old woman, might have been in On the Buses”), Fiona Armstrong (“Looks like a newsreader, reasonably fit”), and an Earwig (An indistinguishable part of an animal apparently”)!! The other teams were demanding a drug test that night, I can tell you!!

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