Minor concussion doing weights

Four more FB posts to start the week with a gentle smile!

2 July 2014

Thought I’d just walked into someone at work … Looked a right Doylem in front of a group of people who saw me profusely apologising to a printer!!

12 July 2014

Suppose I’d better take the dog out before I have too many beers, although it may dull the pain of all those tiresome lamp posts that keep jumping out at me!!

14 July 2014

I was demonstrating the finer points of doing cleans as part of a weights session to Golden Balls, and I think he learned a thing or two … mainly not to go right up on to your tip toes when cleaning 80kg and smash your head on the open garage door, and then drop the weights and stagger about in a bit of a daze for a few seconds … but apart from that slight mishap, I think I am a pretty good teacher!! What is it that they say, those who can, do, those who can’t, teach … and those who can’t teach, teach PE!!

16 July 2014

Mastered tagliatelle and pancetta in a creamy sauce first time tonight – back of the net!! Critics have called it restaurant standard!! I feel a new career coming on!! Imagine the health and safety risk assessment though….

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