Stuck in the basement with the invisible PA

Three more Facebook posts for your delight!
23 June 2014
I took Alfie out for a walk this morning and a small boy who was with his mother on the way to school asked me if I was looking for something under the ground. Apparently, he had never seen anyone with a white stick before, obviously confusing it for a metal detector – how cute!!
24 June 2014
Very strange incident at work today…. My new support worker E managed to get into a lift silently without me, whilst I stood there waiting and chatting away to the space she once occupied. When the next lift arrived I stepped in and it wasn’t until it started going down rather than up that I realised something was wrong and that E was not with me. After being stuck in the lift in the basement for what seemed like an eternity, but undoubtedly was only a matter of minutes, I managed to find the buttons and the lift returned me to my original starting position. I decided to take the steps from there, discretion being the better part of valour … I arrived for my meeting only 5 minutes late and only slightly frazzled. E was slightly shaken though, having managed to lose me, albeit only temporarily, in only her second week!!  I asked her what had happened, and she simply shrugged her shoulders – this could be an interesting work relationship!
26 June 2014
I’ve just found out how to use a wireless keyboard with my iPhone, which makes typing messages such as this a great deal easier, I can tell you!! This message would have taken me a good 15 minutes to type using one finger on the phone, but it’s only taken me a couple of seconds with my expert touch typing. The only question is now, what do I do with all my spare time!!

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