Three falls and a submission – victory is mine!

More Facebook posts to digest!


6 June 2014


Today’s achievement – after a gripping bout lasting several rounds, I finally managed to wrestle the quilt into submission and take up its right and proper position wrapped snugly within its cover!! Need a lie down now!!


14 June 2014


After spending a load of money on new clothes based solely on M’s recommendation, it’s time for a gingerbread late to calm my nerves. I don’t think I’ve ever been dressed by a seventeen year old before, when I was seventeen I was still dressed by my mum! I hope she knows what she is doing!


20 June 2014


After an initial mix up between strawberries and mushrooms, easily done, tonight’s offering at Chez Andy was a delightful steak in a peppercorn sauce, with chipped potatoes and mushrooms in a creamy garlic and white wine sauce followed by strawberries and cream. Would have been interesting had I not realised my error!!

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