Seriously? You’re asking a blind man for directions?!

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21 May 2014


Ayup, Captain Chaos is back with a bang this morning!! The morning started with me cutting my finger quite deeply on the food processor blade when emptying the dishwasher, quickly followed by falling down the steps after visiting R the junior junior doctor, followed by knocking over a full tub of porridge – the 5 second rule came into play on that one – I then managed to create a massive puddle on the work top with absolutely no idea where it came from, walked out of the house with blood on the end of my nose, and then managed to lose the first draft of this status, and those of you who know how long it takes me to type on this phone will know how annoying that was! Don’t think I’ll bother logging on this morning, I’ll just close my office door and try to keep out of trouble!!


24 May 2014


A straw poll dear friends – is it socially acceptable for a blind person to take a dog for a walk and not pick up his dog eggs? There are limits to what I’m prepared to do, and scrambling around on a grass verge in search of brown gold is definitely too much for me!!


1 June 2014


Whilst taking Alfie for a walk this morning a motorist stopped and asked me for directions – I didn’t think I was the most obvious candidate for such a task, and I did point this out to him, but he insisted … Good luck sir, you’ll need it!!.

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