Dad, has someone taken a dump on your plate?

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1 May 2014


Just been to get a coffee and flapjack from the canteen in the atrium at work to line my stomach for tonight’s drinking session, ended up getting completely lost in the atrium on the way back and had to be rescued by a man – don’t know who he was, but he had lovely soft hands!! If my radar is already out, I can’t wait for later!!!


9 May 2014


Can’t remember ever being so wet! Just learned my way to a shop 3/4 miles away in search of sausages for tea, only to return home through the storm empty handed. Somehow, I don’t think the alternative of hot dogs with mash, carrots, broccoli and gravy would receive the critical acclaim I’m aiming for!


11 May 2014


With friends like these….. Just received culinary feedback from little Golden Balls, after sampling my sausages and mash. As I interpreted it, apart from a few wrinkles with presentation, everything is fine. His exact words, “I don’t care that your food looks like shit Dad, it tastes alright”, praise indeed from a 15 year old!! When I sought clarification and asked if he meant the presentation left something to be desired, he said “no, it actually looks like someone has taken a dump on your plate!”


19 May 2014


My M is turning into a bit of a philosopher. “Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind”. It’s a sure sign you’re getting old when your kids start making more sense than you do!!

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