A salad with Mr Muscle dressing anyone?

As a bit of a taster menu that will epitomise the kind of content that I will be looking to blog about, I thought I’d revisit some Facebook posts. Whilst similar content is somewhat dependent upon getting into the same kind of predicaments again, history suggests I will have plenty to blog about!

13 April 2014

After a week of no mishaps, not a good start today. Already burnt my foot when I walked into a door whilst carrying a cuppa, and I’ve just poked myself in the eye on the corner of the settee – don’t ask!

18 April 2014

Best family day out ever! First time tandem cycling, absolutely mint! Only fell off twice, once with M and second time with Golden Balls, ending up in a Hawthorn bush pissing ourselves laughing! Can’t wait for the next time!

19 April 2014

A conversation which took place in Leeds city centre this morning. Andy: “is that a horse over there?” Mrs C: “no, it’s a woman in high heels!” I sure know how to make people feel good about themselves!

30 April 2014

After a couple of weeks off, Captain Chaos returned with a vengeance this morning. Not satisfied with squirting after shave in my ear and eye – things do sound more flowery as a result, but no change on how things look – after making my salad for lunch, I think I may have squirted kitchen cleaner on it when tidying up, it certainly smelled clinically fresh!! On the basis that I am a proud Yorkshireman and what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger – apart from polio of course – I’m willing to take the risk! Wish me luck!

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